Don't take our word for it

Naturally, having spent so long working on our two debut watches, the P-1 Pilot and the D-1 Diver, we admit to being a little biased. We love them.

But ultimately, it doesn’t matter what we think. What matters is what our potential customers think.

So, we decided to get the opinions of customers, leading figures in the watch, design and fashion industries. Who, having seen and handled the watches, share their different experiences and perspectives.

Here’s what they said.

Aera’s new D-1 Diver does not disappoint. It’s genuinely hard to come up with something new in this field. And not just something new, but something that feels contemporary. The D1-Diver is a modern watch. It belongs to now.

Johnny Davis
UK Esquire / The Big Watch Book

To my mind the P-1 Pilot sits squarely at the intersection between ‘design watch’ and ‘tool watch’. Yes, it’s functional, but it also looks super-cool with it. This is a serious piece of watchmaking, assembled, tested and finished in Switzerland. Its dial is one-piece. There is no tapered ring to mess with the minimalist aesthetic – there doesn’t need to be. 

Johnny Davis
UK Esquire / The Big Watch Book

Monocle Radio - The Entrepreneurs – 591
Aera co-founder and CEO Jas Minhas talks about business serendipity and building a purpose-driven brand with the highest quality components.

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Reviewing our D–1 Diver and P–1 Pilot

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