When we began designing our first Aera watches, we were as inspired by people and places as we were by watches. Our passion for functional tool watches stems from the kind of people who use them in real life, the everyday adventurisers, the travellers, the escapists. We call them the Aeranauts.

We’re inspired by men and women who embrace the natural world and its experiences, with the determination to make the best possible use of the ultimate luxury, time. Of course, we are as inspired as the next guy by the exploits of Sir Edmund Hillary, Chuck Yeager and Amelia Earhart. But there’s nothing better – or more meaningful - than going and doing it yourself.

At Aera, we are fascinated by the regular men and women who, inspired by the planet, and mindful of the environment, choose to mark their free time out there doing extraordinary things. If you’re the kind of person who dreams of making a difference in far-flung places, or someone who is more likely to clear the ocean plastic from a tropical beach than lie on it, this page is here to celebrate you.

Series 01

Adventures, Insights and Explorations. Welcome to the Aeranauts.


Talking all things nature with British born adventurer Steve Woods.


Talking fashion, craft and travel with Designer and Tastemaker Yuki Matsuda.

Aeranaut 03

We sit down with Designer & Inventor Joe Doucet to talk about purpose & processes.

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