Servicing Your Aera Watch


Servicing your Aera Watch

At Aera, we recommend that your watch is serviced every three years if you wear it daily, to keep it performing at its best and protect the mechanical components from wear. A mechanical watch movement has many precision components that over time require maintenance to maintain the quality of the timekeeping. Aera has selected only a handful of service centres that meet our exacting standards of quality and service. These teams of skilled technicians are there to provide your watch with the attention and care it deserves.

On receipt of your watch, a diagnostic process will be completed, and you will then be provided with a repairs reference number as well as an estimated cost and timeline for your repair to be completed. If you agree to the service our team will disassemble and inspect for wear or damage, each component of the case and the movement, the dis-assembled movement will then be cleaned in a specialised cleaning machine for watch components, any worn or damaged movement components will require replacement.

Once the cleaning has been completed the movement components will be re-assembled and lubricated while checking their functionality. Following assembly, the movement will then be regulated to ensure it meets quality and performance standards. Having been cleaned (and refinished depending on service criteria) the case will the be re-assembled replacing gaskets to ensure the watch meets its water resistance criteria.

Booking a service

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