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In the 20th century, great leaps forward in technology brought previously uncharted territories within reach. Wristwatches quickly became vital safety tools. In the oceans, the invention of SCUBA (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus) gave divers unprecedented new freedom of movement to explore the depths. But it also brought new risks.

Dive watches developed quickly to address those risks. Unidirectional bezels (which could not rotate clockwise) were created to make it impossible for a diver to inadvertently knock the bezel during a dive to give a mistaken indication of more time available underwater. Tough cases and crystals, screw-in case backs and screw-down crowns were developed to withstand the water pressure of ever deeper dives. Finally, watch dials evolved into supremely legible displays with large light-emitting indexes that could be read even in low light.

We wanted the D-1 Diver to look and feel like a contemporary statement, so we’ve stripped out the unnecessary details and kept only the essentials. It's a simple timepiece with form-emphasising design that creates a striking piece of architecture on the wrist.



From its earliest beginnings, with the Wright Brothers in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1903, powered flight never depended purely on aeronautics. The moment point-to-point flights became viable, navigational instruments became an integral part of flight equipment.

Navigation meant timekeeping, for to-the-second precision, in order to make the necessary calculations for each leg of a flight. As the operating range of aeroplanes grew, navigation relied on maps, mathematics and accurate timing rather than looking for landmarks on the ground. Timepieces, whether mounted on the instrument panel or on the pilot’s wrist, became vital, life-preserving devices, tools to ensure pinpoint accuracy whether you were bound for a target or heading home.

The domed sapphire crystal blends smoothly with the sloping matt ceramic bezel and the reverse pie-pan dial, creating a bold and contemporary feel. The Grey, one piece dial with oversized markings uses Globolight® on its indexes and markers. Combined with hand-filled Super-LumiNova® for optimal visibility.